Wine Caps

Wine Cap features a white stalk with a port wine colored cap. These mushrooms can get up to a foot across, but they are not really edible at that stage.

These Wine Caps are outdoor cultivated.

Good baked, fried, and in sauces, or just cooked in butter with a little lemon juice. Richer flavor than a Portabella, is complimented by spicy flavors such as nutmeg and fennel. Great for stuffing, a single mushroom can make an entire meal. Do not cook with onion or garlic. Lemon juice, nutmeg, fennel all compliment this mushroom.

This mushroom MUST be cooked! It is also wise to avoid alcohol in combination with it.

Tastes Like – Nutty flavor, similar to hazelnut according to some sources.

Medicinal Use – May help promote healthy skin on the extremities, prevent chilblains, hangnails, blisters.

MushroomWine CapScientific NameStropharia rugosoannulata MethodOutdoor CultivationFlavorSubtle nutty flavorCookingBraising, sauteing & grillingRecipeswww.yummly.comHealthPromotes healthy skin on the extremities, prevents chilblains, hangnails, blisters